Metal Dome Membrane Circuit Membrane Switch
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Metal Dome Membrane Circuit Membrane Switch

  • Model: Metal Dome 08

  • Multi Control Switch

  • Retro-reflective Mode

  • Bne

  • ISO9001, UL, CE, CCC

  • Overlay Options

  • BNE

  • Plastic Bag


  • China

  • 85365000

Metal Dome Membrane Circuit Membrane SwitchMembrane Switches typically consist of a polyester graphic overlay and spacers on a flexible silver printed circuit. The simplicity of Membrane Switch construction makes it easy to design and one of the lowest cost switch options available. The Graphic Overlay provides a natural fluid barrier and its long life cycle capabilities make it the right product for many applications.

Design options for Membrane Keypads:
Non-Tactile or Tactile Membrane Keypad
? Poly dome Tactile Membrane Switch
? Metal dome Tactile Membrane Switch
? PushGate Tactile Membrane Switch

Overlay Options
? Embossed or Non embossed Graphic Overlay
? Glossy or Textured Graphic Overlay
? UV Protection or Micro ban Graphic Overlay

Lighting Options
? Embedded LED's
? Vmanx Illumination for even illumination of Icons and logos
? Fiber Optic Backlighting
? EL

Circuit Options
? Printed Silver on Polyester or Copper Polyimide

Sealing options
Shielding - ESD / EMI (Silver, Carbon, ITO)
Flex Tail termination
? ZIF, Connectors or Solder Pin


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